Track your recurring reservations

The simplest place to do this is from Classes>>Reservations.

Here you can track all recurring reservations past and present. You'll find a variety of filter options to enable you to do this:

Search by customer name to show all reservations made for a desired customer.

Filter by reservation status. In this example we're looking at all the active reservations for John Doe.

Active reservations can be edited from the drop-down on the right hand side. See our guide here for more on editing reservations.

In this example we're filtering all the completed reservations.

Completed reservations cannot be edited, but you can view the details of the reservation i.e. attended classes.

Filter by membership type and track recurring reservations made on specific memberships.

Filter by class type and track reservations made for specific classes.

Note. It is also possible to view details of recurring reservations direct from a customer profile.

This can be done from customer profile>>registration tab.

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