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How to update the terminology on your TeamUp account

Customise the terminology for Memberships, Appointments, Courses, and Recurring Reservations.

We realise that not all of you, or your customers, will be familiar with or want to stick with the terminology we use on the system. For example, instead of 'Memberships', you might prefer 'Class Passes', 'Packages', or something else.

Editing certain terms is possible if desired. At the moment, these are the terms that can be changed:

To edit the terminology, head to Settings >> click 'Terminology'. Here, click 'Edit' next to the term you wish to change and adjust as required, as seen in the short video below.

💡Previously, the term 'Memberships' could be changed from the settings on the Memberships page. Please note that as of December 14, 2022, this tool lives under Settings >> Terminology.