How to edit a Course

How to change the details on Courses and Course Types.

In this guide we're going to take a look at how to edit Courses and Course Types.

💡A "Type" separates what a course is from its schedule. A Course Type creates a template to which you can add new courses as and when you need to. 

How to edit a Course

To edit a course, head to Courses >> Courses >> click the course you want to edit >> click 'Edit' >> change as needed, and click 'Save Course Details'.

In this example, we've edited the Intro Course starting on 3rd August to change its name from 'Intro Course' to 'Summer Intro Course'.


Note that any changes you make to a course will not affect the Course Type. Keep reading if you need to edit a Course Type!

How to edit a Course Type 

If you need to edit the Course Type instead, head to Courses >> Course Types >> click 'Edit Course Type' >> edit the Course Type as needed and click 'Submit'.

💡Editing the Course Type won't update any existing Courses under this Type - the changes will only affect Courses you create in the future. If you need to edit existing Courses, see 'How to edit a Course' in this guide.


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