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Override discount validity of a class or course
Override discount validity of a class or course
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You can now override discount code validity for individual classes/courses.

i.e. you may want a discount code unusable for a specific class type, but want to allow customers to use the code just for one class timeslot.

Below is the 'Summer Discount' which is valid for no events/classes:

To override this for an individual session, select the class from your upcoming schedule and click manage next to the discount code icon:

Click to override validity for this class, and then click valid. Now save.

Customers can now use the summer discount code, just for this class.

Repeat the steps above, and mark as invalid if you don't want this class available for the discount code.

You can also ensure this class uses the default rules from the discount code itself.

Did this answer your question?

Did this answer your question?