How to change payment details for your membership

From time to time you may want to change how you pay the membership subscription for the business you attend. You might want to switch the credit card you are using, or switch from paying your fitness provider by cash to online payments.

Please note that payment details can only be updated on recurring memberships. If you don't have a recurring membership and you're looking to change your payment details, you'll be able to add your new details next time you make a purchase. 

To get started, head to My Account >> My Memberships >> click change payment method.

Note. If you have a family profile you'll need to select the desired family member first from the Profile tab.

You'll be able to update your payment method from the page you land on.

Click Purchase once your update is made to complete the change.

Tip. If you have account credit to use, you can also apply this to your next bill of this membership. Just toggle the radio button on, and click submit. 

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