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Why was my customer removed from class?
Why was my customer removed from class?
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My customer registered for a class, but they're not showing on the attendee list. What happened?

If a customer has been removed from class automatically, i.e., they weren't unregistered by themselves or a member of Staff, we'd suggest checking your Activity Feed to verify that they weren't unregistered manually. The tutorial below outlines where to check who unregistered the customer:

If the customer was unregistered automatically, in the Activity Feed log, you will see a dash (instead of the customer's name) and "from the Customer Site".

If you're seeing the above, it's likely that they started the booking process but failed to complete the payment. When this happens, the space is held for a short period of time, but when the payment fails to process, they are automatically unregistered.

This usually happens when the customer navigates away from the payment page before the payment has finished processing or the payment processor (GoCardless, Stripe, etc.) has timed out. To amend, the customer can simply register for the desired class again.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Support Team at [email protected].

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