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Broadcast Messages - SMS notifications for class attendees
Broadcast Messages - SMS notifications for class attendees
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Business owners and staff members will now have the ability to broadcast messages to all customers who are currently registered or marked as attending a particular class/appointment, provided they've opted into receiving this type of message from their accounts under My Account >> Notifications.

Send texts about important information or last-minute changes right to your customer's phones, making sure everyone stays in the loop easily.

In the following guide we'll be covering:

Enable SMS on your TeamUp account

You'll need to have enabled the SMS feature on your TeamUp account to allow you to send broadcast SMS to your opted-in customers.

To do this, head to Pro Tools >> SMS >> Enable SMS

💡 For an overview and step-by-step guide to setting up this feature, see our Overview of SMS notifications

Sending a broadcast SMS to class attendees (Opt-In Required)

Once customers have registered for their classes, you'll notice a new speech bubble icon on your class detail page.

Once selected, a modal will appear letting you customize the message:

  • The broadcast message can have a maximum of 160 characters

  • You'll only be able to send broadcast SMS to customers who have opted into receiving this type of SMS. The customer counter at the top of the modal reflects this.

    Send Broadcast SMS

💡 Customers will need to opt-in for SMS communications.

Share our Setting up SMS notifications with your customers for further help.

SMS Messages Report

This report lists all SMS sent to customers during any given timeframe. To view it, head to Reports >> Communications >> All SMS Messages.

You can narrow down the results by using the following filters:

  • Customer. Search a specific customer.

  • SMS Type. Select one or multiple SMS types. The available types are:

    • Waitlist: Spot Available. A spot in a class is available, and the customer needs to accept it manually before the expiration time is up.

    • Waitlist Spot Expired. The customer failed to accept an available spot before the expiration time.

    • Waitlist Spot Removed. The customer was removed from a waitlist.

    • Waitlist: Spot Confirmed. The customer's waitlist spot for a class is confirmed. In this SMS message, they'll be given the option to click a link to leave the class.

    • Registration Confirmation. A registration confirmation for a class or appointment.

    • Event Cancelled. A class or appointment has been cancelled.

    • Event Details Changed. A class or appointment details have changed. This message includes a link to view the new details.

    • Reminder. The event starts in 3 hours. Note: Pre-class/appointment SMS reminders are sent 3 hours before the start time. Please note that it's not possible to change this value.

    • Verification Code. The customer's verification code to opt into SMS notifications.

    • Broadcast Message. Class attendees SMS message.

  • SMS Status. This field lets you know the delivery status of each message.

    • Sent

    • Delivered

    • Failed. TeamUp successfully asked Twilio to send the message, but Twilio couldn’t deliver it for some reason. Note: Twilio is the SMS provider that sends messages from TeamUp to customers.

    • External error. TeamUp's API request to Twilio to send the message failed with an error. For more information about this error, please contact our Support Team.

You can also use the date and grouping options under 'See Results From' and 'Show' to narrow down results even further.

SMS report filters.

To download the report, click 'Download' in the top right corner.

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