Setting up SMS notifications for waitlist announcements

Note. The business you are signed up to must request to enable this feature before you can receive SMS notifications. 

To receive notifications via SMS for waitlist announcements (e.g. if a class space opens up for you) you will need to add your phone number on your notifications page. 

Head to My Account >> Notifications >> Set Up SMS Notifications

Now select the country your SMS number is registered to, and then enter your number.

You can also remove your SMS number from this same section if desired.

We'll ask you to verify your number once it is saved. You'll receive an SMS with a verification code, which you'll need to enter via the verify prompt under your My Account section.

Enter the code you received to the SMS number you entered, and click verify to confirm the activation of SMS.

Finally, select the check box to receive SMS messages for Waitlist announcements under My Account >> Notifications.

That's it! You're set up and ready to start receiving waitlist announcements via SMS.

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