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Reports - All Customers
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๐ŸŽ‰ We're working on a new and improved reports design with new features! We will be applying this new visual style to all of our reports soon. The All Customers report is available in our new reports section - you can view them here or by heading to Reports and clicking the toggle in the top left corner. Let us know what you think in the Product Feedback Portal!

The All Customers report features a list of your customers and the information on their TeamUp customer profile - personal details (name, email, phone number, etc.), any data collected via a form, and activity-related data, such as active memberships, their last payment date, etc.

This report lives in Reports >> Customer Details - All Customers.

The All Customers report.

๐Ÿ’กThis report contains the same data that's available on the Customer List export. The main difference is that the All Customers report allows you to filter the raw data in TeamUp, whereas with the export you need to export the data to an external spreadsheet.

How to use the All Customers report

This list can be filtered by:

  • Any Customer. Search customer name.

  • Account claimed. Filter by claimed or unclaimed customer accounts. A customer account is "claimed" when they have accepted the invitation to manage their TeamUp account, i.e., they've clicked the link in their invitation email and have set up a password for their account. If a customer account is unclaimed, you can resend them the invitation to manage their account.

  • Any Status. Filter by customer status: New, Active or Inactive, or Slipping Away.

  • Any Sign-Up Date. Select a date or a date range.

  • Any Date of Birth. Select a date or a date range.

  • Any Membership. Select one or multiple membership names.

  • Has Account Credit. Filter by customers with or without credit on their accounts. The account credit field on this report will only tell you if the customer has account credit or not - to see a history of each customer's account credit, please see the Account Credit Report.

Filters in the All Customers report.

There are also multiple "group by" options that allow you to use one or multiple dimensions to group the data. In the example below, we're grouping the list by claimed and unclaimed accounts.

How to group by claimed or unclaimed accounts in the All Customers report.

In this example we've grouped the data by gender:

How to group by gender in the All Customers report.

This report also allows you to configure which columns you want to display on screen:

How to configure the columns of the All Customers report.

Pre-baked reports

There are a couple of pre-filtered All Customers reports you can access from the main Reports page:

  • Upcoming birthdays. Shows a list of customers and date of birth-related fields.

  • Account credits. Shows the customer list grouped by whether they have account credit or not. To see a history of each customer's account credit, please see the Account Credit Report.

Pre-baked All Customers reports.

Download the data

You can extract email addresses and other customer fields based on your search results by clicking the 'Download' button.

How to download the All Customers report.

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