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I have added one-plus pricing but can't see this when making a purchase for a customer
I have added one-plus pricing but can't see this when making a purchase for a customer
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When you create a Class, Appointment, or Course and set one-plus pricing for a specific membership, you will be able to purchase this on behalf of the customer and select the custom pricing you have set up for them based on their membership.

If during the registration process you find that at the check-out section you're unable to see or select this one-plus price, this is most likely due to the fact that this Class, Appointment, or Membership is not included with their membership.

Here's an example:

If your customer has purchased a membership which allows Classes & Appointments, and you then create a course where you enable one-plus pricing for that membership, the customer (and yourself) will not be able to purchase the membership at the one-plus price you set, as Courses have are not included in their membership.

You would therefore need to go into:

➔ click on the membership in question
➔ click on Edit next to Usability
Applicable to*

If this membership has been set to be applicable to "classes & appointments", then you would not be able to select the one-plus rate when purchasing the course, but if you set this to "Classes, Appointments, and courses" then you will be able to select the discounted rate at checkout.

Then, scroll down the list of classes and courses and make sure the course in question is ticked, along with the "Alternate pricing for courses" check-box beneath it, and click on Save.

The same would go for memberships which are set to only be applicable to Courses alone. If you set up a class with one-plus pricing for that membership and classes have not been enabled on that membership, you would need to go through this process in order to enable them.

Now, you will be able to complete this purchase on the customer's behalf with the correct pricing.

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