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What's the difference between classes and courses?
What's the difference between classes and courses?
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Classes are one-off or recurring events that allow customers to book a session from a pre-set timetable.

πŸ”– Example: you run a HIIT class at 10:00 am on Mondays and 5:00 pm Thursdays - to set this up, you would create a HIIT Class Type with two repeating time slots (every Monday at 10:00 am and every Thursday at 5:00 pm).

Courses are sequences of sessions that customers register for together.

πŸ”– Example: You have an On Ramp course that runs 6 days at the beginning of each month. To set this up, you would create an On Ramp Course Type with the details of the course, and schedule each month's edition under it. Each course will have different dates from one month to the next and maybe a different instructor, but every course will belong to the On Ramp Course Type and have the same basic details.

However, in certain scenarios, you may want to use the Classes feature to create a course, or you may want to use the Courses feature for something other than a course. Or you may decide to skip Classes and Courses entirely and use the Appointments feature.

Events (Classes, Courses, and Appointments) in TeamUp don't need to be used in a specific way - they're simply tools to help you create your offerings. If you're unsure about which type of event works best for you, please reach out to our Support Team. We're happy to help!

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