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🎥 How to change the price on a recurring membership for existing customers (w/ VIDEO)
🎥 How to change the price on a recurring membership for existing customers (w/ VIDEO)
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You can easily update your members' fees in bulk from the Memberships section. The bulk edit tool within each membership allows you to apply the same price to all or some of your customers.

IMPORTANT: If you’re using GoCardless for payments please see the F.A.Q. below these steps before actioning.

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1. Head to Memberships >> Memberships >> select the desired membership. Here you'll see a Payments Plans section where you can select to Edit the plan.

In the example below, we're editing the prices on a membership that has members on two different payment plans.

When a membership has multiple payment plans, you can click edit next to either one of the payment plans (you'll be able to edit each as needed in the following steps).

2. To edit the price for existing members:

  • Scroll down to the Existing Members section within the Edit Payment Plan page and click 'Edit prices tool'.

Note that the price change will take effect immediately for all customers with the exception of scheduled GoCardless payments (see "I am using GoCardless, what do I need to look out for?" below for more details).

3. In the bulk edit tool you'll be able to batch edit prices as needed using the filters at the top. These filters are:

  • Customer. Search a specific customer you'd like to edit.

  • Any Plan. Select the desired payment plan within the membership. If your membership only has one payment plan, you will just see one option here.

  • Any amount. If there are customers that pay different amounts within a payment plan (think customers who have a reduced rate or are paying £0, or customers who are on a payment plan that is no longer for sale), the amounts will be listed in the dropdown. This is useful if you need to update the price differently for each price group or exclude certain prices from the edit. We'll explain how to do this below.

In this example, the membership we're editing has two payment plans (as seen in the screenshot in step 1), so you'll be able to choose which plan/s you want to update.

We want to update both plans: the £363 every three months and the £121 per month payment plans, so we'll select both:

We have a couple of customers paying £0 and we want to exclude them from the edit, so we'll select the 'Any Amount' filter, leave the £0 price unticked and tick all the other prices:

Once done, tick the checkbox to select all customers. If you need to exclude any customers from this list, simply leave the checkbox next to their name unticked. Then, click 'Edit Prices':

4. In the next step, enter the new price for each payment plan and click 'Preview change':

In the final step, you'll see a preview of the changes being made. Customers aren't notified of this change automatically, so if you'd like to email them, you can copy their emails by clicking the 'Copy email addresses' button and pasting them into your preferred email software.

If you're satisfied with the changes, click 'Confirm' to finalise.

If a group of customers was excluded from this batch because they have a different price from everyone else in the payment plan and you need to edit their prices too, repeat the process above (starting at step 3).

After you've edited the prices, we'd recommend verifying that everything looks correct by checking your upcoming billing.

You can view upcoming payments from Billing/Revenue >> Upcoming billing.

I am using GoCardless, what do I need to look out for?

GoCardless begin processing payments 7 days before the billing day, which means that any changes made to membership prices after the 7-day mark won't apply to scheduled bills.

For example, if your members pay on the 1st of the month and you update your prices on the 25th of the month, payments will already be scheduled with the old amount and the new price won't apply.

In this instance, you can either:

What date should I change my payments if I am using GoCardless?

We recommend changing the price 8 days before the date of the first payment the change applies to. For example, if your customers all bill on 1st of May you would change the prices on 24th April.

What if I use another payment processor?

If you're using any other processors, such as Stripe, Braintree, PayPal, PaySimple, etc., you'll be able to change the price up until the day before. For example, if your customers bill on the 5th of the month and you update the membership price on the 4th, their bill on the 5th will reflect the new price.

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