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πŸŽ₯ Add a Recurring Membership (w/ VIDEO)
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Create reoccurring plans to bill your customers weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Recurring memberships offer a great way for you to predict and improve cash flow and retention.

In this guide, we'll run through the steps to set up a Recurring Membership.


πŸŽ₯ Watch the tutorial

πŸ“•Read the tutorial

Get started by heading to Memberships >> Add a Membership >> Create a Recurring Plan



You'll first be prompted to name, categorise (grouping for display purposes) and describe the membership for your customers.

Tip. if you'd like to create a new category you'll be able to name the category without leaving this page.

Now set the Sale Status. This setting determines whether the membership is available for purchase or not, both on the business and customer sites.

Customer Site

In this section, you'll decide what settings apply to purchases on the customer side.

Set the Membership Visibility. If the membership is hidden from the customer side, you'll be able to send customers a direct link.

Now decide How Customers Purchase this membership. Customers can either purchase themselves or be directed to a "contact us to purchase" page with a link to your business contact details, so you can assign the membership as required. You can click Your Contact Page to preview what this looks like.

Setting the membership to One Per Customer will ensure customers can only own this membership once. For example, you may have a trial offer that you want to be available once per customer.

Leave the checkbox un-ticked if this does not apply.

Finally, decide whether this membership is for New Customers Only. This applies to customers who are tagged 'new' via your Customer Settings.

If you still need to set this up simply click the Customer Settings icon as highlighted below, or head to the above guide for more info.

Note. By default, all customers are marked new and require their status to be manually changed until you change the customer settings.


Next, you can decide what customers can do with this membership, whether they should be able to book into classes/appointments or courses (or both), and within each what type of classes/appointments/courses they can book and how many (whether unlimited, per day, per week, per month, etc).

Check out our dedicated guide here for further help on recurring membership usability.

If the membership grants customers access to On Demand Content, you'll be able to link it to the desired content from a Collection in the On Demand section.

For more information on how to set up on-demand products, see An Overview of On Demand Content.

Payment Plan

Finally, set the payment plan of the recurring membership, including the price, how often it should bill (once per month or every 4 weeks for example), whether there is a minimum commitment period (such as 3 months), cancellation settings and when should customers be billed on an ongoing basis.

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