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Download Pending and Upcoming Payments
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What are Pending Payments?

You will only have "Pending Payments" if you have GoCardless enabled in your TeamUp account. GoCardless payments go into the "Pending" status when they're getting ready to be submitted to BACS. Once the payment has been submitted to BACS, it will be taken from your customer's bank account.

If the payment goes through correctly, you'll be able to see it in your confirmed revenue reports (Billing/Revenue >> Reports and Reports >> Invoices). If the payment fails (for example, because your customer didn't have enough funds in their account), it will get flagged under To-dos >> Failed Payments).

What are Upcoming Payments?

Upcoming Payments are all of your customers' upcoming recurring membership payments.

Navigate to Billing/Revenue >> Pending. Here, click 'Downloads - Pending & Upcoming'.

Select 'Include upcoming payments' and/or 'Include pending payments' as needed, select any other fields you'd like to include in the download, and then click 'Download' at the bottom of the page.

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