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To-Dos: Invoices - Pending Offline
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Pending offline payments are payments that need to be confirmed manually.

You can find/confirm them under To-Dos >> Pending Offline Payments.

These payments also allow other actions on the invoice itself or the membership the due payment is linked to:

  1. Confirm. From here, you can confirm that you have received a pending offline payment and edit the confirmation date as needed.

  2. Edit. Change the amount of the pending payment.

  3. Convert to bill. Select this option to raise an invoice for the customer to pay online. They will receive an email with a link to pay the bill via an online processor (GoCardless, Stripe, etc.). Please note that this option is only available for recurring payments.

  4. Void. Voiding an invoice will skip the payment. Voided Invoices can no longer be paid.

  5. Cancel. Select this option if you wish to cancel the customer's membership entirely. When you cancel the membership, you will also be able to choose if you want to cancel the customer's pending payment/s. Please note that this option is only available for recurring memberships.

  6. Block registrations. If the payment is overdue, you will get the option to block registrations on the membership until the payment has been confirmed. This option is only available for recurring memberships.

  7. Change the membership's payment method. If the customer has another payment method saved on their account (a credit card, direct debit, etc.), you'll be able to change the payment method on their membership to collect the payment.

For more information on the actions above, see Confirming, cancelling, editing and managing pending offline payments.


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