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System Fields Explained
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What are System Fields?

System Fields are special Fields that are created by the system automatically and cannot be deleted. They affect other areas of the system and can have additional configuration options.

There are currently two System Fields:

  • Date of Birth

  • Marketing Preference

Date of Birth

The Date of Birth Field is used to gather and store the customer's date of birth and it's automatically configured to:

  • Field Type of "Date"

  • Be shown on the Customer Profile page

  • Be included in the Signup form.

And it is used to drive:

  1. The Customer Birthdays report and birthday list in the dashboard section

  2. The automated birthday email that is sent through TeamUp when enabled via Notifications.

Although you cannot delete the Date of Birth Field, you can edit it so that it is not shown on the Customer Profile page and/or included in the Signup form by default. To do this you can either edit it from Settings >> Customer Field, or add/remove from Form(s) via Forms/Documents >> Customer Forms.

Marketing Preference

The Marketing Preference Field gathers and stores the customer's preference for receiving marketing messages from your business, and it's automatically configured to:

  • Field Type of "Choice (select exactly one choice)"

  • Be shown on the Customer Profile page

It is not automatically included in any pre-loaded Form(s), unless you already had this feature enabled before in which case it'll be pre-loaded to the Signup Form.

As well as the standard Edit Field functions, The Marketing Preference Field has the following additional configuration options:

  • Opt-out Choice: One choice can be defined as the "opt-out" choice. When selected by a customer this confirms that the customer should be unsubscribed from any other marketing system(s) you might be using. TeamUp can help do this automatically if you're using the Mailchimp integration.

  • Auto opt-out: If set, customers will be automatically unsubscribed in Mailchimp when the select the opt-out choice. If not set, the unsubscribe happens the next time you process a Mailchimp export.

To view and/or edit any of the above options go to Settings >> Customer Fields >> click on 'Details' button next to the Marketing Preference Field:

In the next page, you'll be able to see the existing settings under the Opt-out Choice section and edit them by clicking on Edit opt-out Settings button where you'll then have the option to tick/untick your choices as desired and Save:

Finally, you can also add, edit or remove the current choices pre-loaded by the system automatically. These are:

  • Yes, I'd like to receive occasional marketing messages

  • No, do not send me any marketing messages

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