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Pack Usage Limits
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Pack limits control how many sessions the customer will get on the pack they purchase. Below are some examples of simple, and more advanced pack limits.

Note: If you've already created your Pack and are looking to edit usability, head to Memberships >> Memberships >> Click desired Pack>> Click 'Edit' beside the Usability section.

Example 1

This pack is available for the 'Body Pump' Class Type.

The customer will get 10 classes before the pack completes (if they use them before any expiry date on the membership).

Note. Packs are designed to expire after a certain amount of use, so you are required to put a limit on the pack.

Example 2

This pack offers 10 classes overall, but only 5 of the classes can be for 'Body Pump', and 5 for 'HIIT'.

Example 3

In this example, the customer has 10 classes, but usage limits mean they can only use 1 class per week.

As soon as the limit of 10 is reached, the pack will complete.

Looking to update limits on a recurring membership? Check out our guide here.

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