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How to create a Pack Running Low notification
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To create a Pack Running Low notification head over to Notifications >> Memberships >> Low Pack Notifications.

Click 'Add new notification'.

In the next step, you'll be able to set up your notification.

Notification settings

  • Send with. The number of uses remaining on a pack when the notification is triggered. For example, if you're setting it up for a package of 10 sessions, you might want to send it when they have 2 sessions left.

  • Packs. The set of pack memberships the notification applies to. Tick all the applicable ones. Please note that only pack memberships are allowed, so memberships of other types are not shown as options here.

Tip: you can add as many Pack Running Low Notifications as you need. For example, if you have packs with different sizes, as seen in the example below, you might create a Pack Running Low Notification that triggers when they have 2 sessions left for the 10 Pack, and another notification that gets triggered when customers have 1 session left on the 5 Pack.

Note: This notification is sent at most once per customer membership.

Usage is based exclusively on class pack lifetime limits and ignores separate limits (daily, weekly, etc.) and courses.

Notifications are only triggered by attendance changes, not by settings or configuration changes.

  • Call to action.

A "Call to Action" (CTA) is designed to prompt a response or sale. A clear call to action encourages customers to take the next step.

In emails, TeamUp renders calls to action as full-width buttons. The button uses your brand's accent color as defined in Customer Site Settings.

You will be prompted to complete the following information in order to create the CTA for the notification:

  1. Call to action. This setting allows you to select the landing page for your CTA depending on your goal (allow your customer to choose their membership, renew their current package or drive upgrades or changes.

  2. Call to action button label. Enter the text for your CTA here.

Note: A membership set as a a CTA target cannot be deleted , even if it otherwise was deletable (i.e. never had any customer memberships).

If the target Membership is not for sale at the time an email is triggered, the CTA will target your general membership list instead. If the CTA target is a specific membership that is not for sale, the detail page will call this out as a warning.

Design your email

In the Email section you'll find an editor that allows you to customise the content of the email that goes out to your customers.

When creating and editing emails, placeholders can be selected from a dropdown. Placeholders allow you to insert variables into the content.

For example, you might want to personalise the email with the customer's name. You would select the customer_first_name placeholder, as seen in the example below.

If the notification gets triggered for a customer named Joe, the email will read: "Hi Joe".

The email editor supports adding a link to an email. To create a link, highlight the text you want to add the link to and click the link icon as seen below.

In the popup box, enter the URL you're linking to. You'll need to include "http://" or "https://".

Note: Only links created using this function will be rendered as links. Please note that typing in a URL directly will not render the text as a clickable link.

Once done, click the 'Create' button.

Preview your email

Want to see what your email looks like when a customer receives it? Head to Notifications >> Memberships >> Low Pack Notifications >> click 'Detail' next to the notification.

Here, you can preview your email with placeholders, or see how it will look with the placeholders replaced by the customer's information:

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Did this answer your question?