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Managing Collections for On Demand Content
Managing Collections for On Demand Content
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Collections are the link between memberships and your content:

  • All content in the same Collection can be accessed by the same set of memberships.

  • If you have a simple On Demand section where customers get all-or-nothing access based on their membership, you only need one Collection.

  • If certain customers can access some but not all content (for example: "Standard" and "Premium" Content) you will need multiple Collections.

  • A content item cannot be linked to multiple Collections.

Collections can be added when creating a new content item, or from On Demand Content >> 'New Collection'.

Add a Collection

To add a new Collection, head to On Demand >> Content >> click 'New Collection'

In the next step, you'll be prompted to enter the name of the Collection, a description, and select which memberships grant access to the content.

Once done, click 'Create Collection'. In the next step, you'll be able to start adding the content items to the collection*. See Managing your On Demand Content on TeamUp for more details on how to create a content item.

πŸ’‘ If you just want to create the Collection, click 'Create Collection' and don't complete the content form in the next step. Even if you close this page or click away from it, the Collection will be saved and you'll be able to add content to it later. See 'Add Content to an existing collection' in this guide.

Edit a Collection

To edit a Collection, head to the Content tab, click the dots next to the desired Collection and click 'Edit Collection', or click the Collection name.

In the following step, you'll be able to edit the name, description, and the memberships it applies to. Please note that only recurring memberships and prepaid plans can be linked to a Collection. Packs can't be used with On Demand Content.

Add Content to an existing Collection

To add new content to an existing Collection, head to Content, click the Collection name. Then, click 'Add Content'. In the next step, you'll be able to create a new content item for this Collection.

Delete a Collection

To delete a Collection, click the dots next to the desired Collection and select 'Delete Collection'.

In the following step, you'll be prompted to select a replacement Collection for any content items linked to the Collection being deleted, as seen below:

To finalise the deletion, click 'Delete'. To cancel, click 'Nevermind'.

πŸ’‘It's not possible to delete your very last collection currently. This is something we will update in the future.

Change the order

You can change the order in which collections appear on the Customer Site by simply dragging and dropping:

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