What is the On Demand section for?
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The On Demand section is a library of content that you can purchase and view in your own time. For instance, the business might offer pre-recorded workouts, courses, webinars, etc.

Navigating the On Demand section

The main page shows all the available content Collections for sale.


You can use the filters at the top to find specific content within a Collection:


In order to view the content, you'll need to have a valid membership. If you don't, you'll be prompted to purchase one when you click on the desired piece of content, as seen below:


How can I view the content I've purchased?

If a collection doesn't have the "purchase required" tag underneath, it means you've already purchased it, or that one of your existing membership grants you access.


You can view your on-demand content from a browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.), or the TeamUp members app.

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Did this answer your question?