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Gift Vouchers
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It may be that you want to sell gift vouchers as Christmas presents, Birthday presents, or for any other special occasion.

In this guide, we'll run through the best way to sell gift vouchers from your TeamUp account.

Firstly, we suggest adding your vouchers to the store section (Store >> Store Inventory >> Options >> Add a Product). The below product as an example is a voucher for Β£25.

πŸ’‘ You will receive a confirmation when there is a new store item purchase.
At this point, you will need to speak to the customer and determine who the gift voucher is for.

You have a couple of options:

1. Apply the voucher value to the desired customer profile by adding account credit.

The account credit can be used on any future purchase by the customer.

If the customer profile is active, the customer will see this account credit on their profile, so it's best to wait until they know about it before assigning the credit.

2. Don't want to assign account credit? How about setting up a discount code for the customer to use on a specific purchase?

This discount code can then be sent to the desired customer when required, to be able to use on the intended purchase.

You could also include this discount code in a gift voucher card for instance.

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