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What can I do with my TeamUp Store?
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We built the TeamUp store to be a simple, lightweight way for you to sell products and merchandise to your members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I sell in my TeamUp store?

A: The store is a way to sell products and merchandise to your members through TeamUp.

- This can include physical products - T-shirts to supplements.
- Gift vouchers
- Event tickets

Q: Can I charge a premium for certain variants of my products? For example, can I charge more for an XL T-Shirt than I do for a Small?

A: Absolutely. All products have a "base price". By default, any variants you create will cost that base price, but you can add price adjustments for more or less expensive variants.

Q: How do payments work in the store?

A: Payments for products in your TeamUp store work the same way as payments for classes, courses, and memberships.
- You can enable or disable any of your payment methods for use in the store.

Q: Can I collect shipping information?

A: When a store order is made, you/your customers have the option to add special instructions. Here they could add a shipping address.
- Delivery of the item is expected by the business either by a person at your venue or by delivery if you have the relevant shipping info.

Q: Can I charge taxes for my products?

A: Yep. Head to Settings >> Payment >> Create a Tax/Fee, for more.

Q: Can I charge postage costs?

A: Yes. Creating a variant on your store product will assist in giving your customers the option for postage and allow you to adjust the cost.
- Please see this guide for help setting this up.

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