Your TeamUp Store

We built the TeamUp store to be a simple, lightweight way for you to sell products and merchandise to your members. Your customers can browse your products and make purchases directly on your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I sell in my TeamUp store?

A: The store is a way to sell products and merchandise to your members through TeamUp. It's meant for physical products-- anything from T-Shirts to supplements.

Q: Can I charge a premium for certain variants of my products? For example, can I charge more for an XL T-Shirt than I do for a Small?

A: Absolutely. All products have a "base price". By default, any variants you create will cost that base price, but you can add price adjustments for more or less expensive variants.

Q: How do payments work in the store?

A: Payments for products in your TeamUp store work the same way as payments for classes, courses, and memberships. You can enable or disable any of your payment methods for use in the store. Head to Settings>>Payment for more.

Q: Can I collect shipping information?

A: When a store order is made, you/your customers have the option to add special instructions. Here they could add a shipping address if desired.

Note. delivery of the item is expected by the business either by a person at your venue or by delivery if you have the relevant shipping info.

Q: Can I charge taxes for my products?

A: Yep. Head to Settings >> Payment >> Create a Tax/Fee, for more. 

Q: Can I charge postage costs?

A: Yes. Please see this guide for help setting this up.