Customise membership usage limits for a specific customer

Usage limits are initially added when a membership is created. Usage limits are set to determine what class/course limits should apply to customers who have purchased the membership.

Note. Custom limits are designed to add/remove class limits on available class types of the membership. If you want the customer to be able to register onto other classes not available on the membership, you should upgrade/downgrade the customer onto a membership that does allow the desired class.

Here we'll run through how you can customise these limits for individual customers, without affecting the overall limits set for the membership.

To do this first navigate to the customer membership tab (customers >> click on the desired customer >> membership tab) then click on the membership you would like to set custom usage limits.

From the membership detail page, you now see the option to edit usage limits.

Now click 'Use Custom Limits'.

You will now be able to edit the usage limits for this customer.

The membership limits set for this example, allowed the customer to register onto 3 classes per week and 50 classes per year.

This has now been changed for this customer only, to allow 1 class registration per week.

You can revisit this page at any time, to re-adjust the limits set for this customer.