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How many people have used a discount code? How many discount codes has a customer used? Is there a discount codes report?

Easily view the usage history of your discount codes from Reports >> Revenue - Discount Code Usage or Discount Codes >> Reports.

All Discount Code Uses

By default, this report shows a raw list of all the customers that have used a discount code to purchase something (memberships, classes, courses, store items).

You can combine the following filters:

  • Customer. Enter a customer's name or email to generate a list of codes used by them.

  • Discount code. Search a discount code to generate a list of customers that have used it.

  • Group. Groups refer to discount codes created in bulk. For example, you might have a "Christmas Offer" group, which includes a set of 100 discount codes. 

  • Use Type. This field allows you to filter by purchase type - memberships, classes, courses and store items.

You can also group by multiple dimensions and enter a date range to generate customised reports.

To download a report, click the 'Download' button.

Most Used Discount Codes

This report is a pre-filtered view of the Discount Code Uses report (seen above), for quick access to a list of your most-used discount codes.

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