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Setting up a discount code
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Head to Discount codes >> Discount codes >> click 'Create a Discount Code'.

Note: if you need to create discount codes in bulk, please see How to bulk-create discount codes .

TeamUp discount code create form.

Firstly, name your discount code. This should be something recognisable for you and your customers.

You can either generate a random code as below:

TeamUp discount code create form random code.

or enter your own in the text box available:

TeamUp discount code create form custom code.

Now, choose which purchases the code is valid for:

💡Ticking 'Valid by default for all purchase types, present and future, in the categories above' will ensure your discount code is usable for all purchases available under these categories.

Ticking 'Only valid for specific purchases. You will select these on the next page' will allow you to select which purchases this discount code is valid for on the next page.

Choose whether the discount type is a fixed amount i.e. £10 off, or a percentage of the purchase price:

TeamUp discount code type settings.

Decide who can use this discount code - All customers OR new customers only.

Now choose when the discount code is valid from, and until, or if it never expires.

TeamUp discount code validity settings.

You can also set the number of overall uses for this discount code and the number of uses each customer can have:

TeamUp discount code usage limits.

You will also get to choose if the discount applies to every payment in a recurring plan or pack payment.

TeamUp discount code recurring plan settings.

Once happy with these settings, click 'Submit' to save.

As we previously selected 'Valid by default for selected categories', these now show under applicable items.

In the example below, the discount code is applicable to memberships, so by default, all memberships are selected:

TeamUp discount code valid membership settings.

How to view, edit and disable discount codes

You can use the search field at the top of Discount Codes >> Discount Codes to find a specific discount code or the dropdown menu if you'd like to view a group of discount codes.

TeamUp discount code search.

If you want to view a code's settings, click 'Detail', or click the discount code name.

You'll be able to see the code, an overview of how many customers have used the code/how many usages remaining, and when it is valid until. If it is valid continuously, we will not show any dates here.

TeamUp discount code details.

To edit the code, after clicking 'Detail' as seen above, click 'Edit'.

TeamUp discount codes edit.

From here, you can edit any of the settings or make the code inactive:

TeamUp discount code edit page.

Click 'Save' to amend any details of this code.

Who has used the code?

For more details on each code's history (i.e., which customers, how many times, purchase types, etc.), head to Discount Codes >> Reports. Please see Discount codes reports for further information.

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