Reports - Content Views

Can I see how many customers have watched my on-demand videos? How many views are my videos getting?

The Content Views report lets you see which customers viewed your On Demand Content, and when.

You can find this report under Reports >> On Demand - All Content Views. 

View of the content view on the On Demand Content View report.

You can use the filters at the top to search by customer name and/or a content item:
 Using the On demand content report filters to search by customer or by content item

You can also enter a custom date or date range, and group the data by customer, year, and/or month.
On demand content report filter the date range options and seeing the results by year or month


💡This report includes pre-baked reports at the top, to easily see your most popular content and the total number of views. 

On demand content report, widgets at the top highlighted

To download this report, click the 'Download' button in the top right.

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