How can I edit the available genders, and add a preferred pronouns option?

The customers gender along with other personal details, is collected during their initial signup using the Signup Form. You can edit this form to offer more options for gender, and to ask the customer about their preferred pronouns.

If your signup form already asks for the customers gender, but you would like to edit this, you will need to remove this option, and replace it with the new "Gender" option which would allow the customer to answer how you choose. To edit the signup form, you'll need to go to:

   ➔ Customer Forms
      Signup Form - Details
        Add/Remove Fields
          Remove "Gender"

This will remove the current gender selection from the signup form.

Once that's been removed, click on the "Create a Field" button on the top-right.

You can now create a new field asking for your customers gender or preferred pronouns, and setting their answer to either be a multiple choice answer, where you enter options for the customer to select, or as a single line of text, where the customer can input their own gender or preferred pronoun.

We also have a support guide on Forms/Documents which goes into more detail about how you can create forms, which you can find here: Create a Form