How to confirm referrals

When one of your customers refers someone to your business, you will need to confirm the referral to apply the rewards to both parties.

All referral confirmations are manual in order to prevent abuse and also because the criteria for when a referral is considered "confirmed" varies across businesses. For example, some businesses might not want to confirm the referral unless the new referred customer shows up to trial classes.

Confirming referrals

To confirm your referrals, head to To-dos >> Referrals.

Here, you can choose to confirm referrals individually, or in bulk:

  1. To confirm a single referral, click the 'Actions' button next to the customer name and click 'Confirm'.

2. To confirm in bulk, tick the checkbox to select all, or tick the desired customers to only select a few, and then click the 'Confirm' button.

Once you've confirmed the referrals, the customers will move from the 'Pending' list to the'Confirmed' .


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