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How to cancel referrals
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Your staff members have the option to cancel a referral. For example, if you suspect fraud, you will be able to cancel this referral from your business dashboard.

When a referral is cancelled, it will be removed from the customer who signed up. This will allow a different referral to be applied to that customer if you choose to do so.

When deleting a customer, any pending referrals associated with that customer, referred or signed up, will be cancelled.

To cancel a referral, head to To-dos >> Referrals or Customers >> Referrals*.

*The Customers >> Referrals section will re-direct you to To-dos >> Referrals. We're working towards transitioning all actionable items on the system to To-dos. For more information on which items will be moving to To-dos, please see Transitioning to To-dos .

Here, you will be able to cancel individual referrals or bulk cancel.

  1. To cancel a referral, click the 'Actions' button next to the customer's name and then 'Cancel'.

2. To bulk cancel, tick the checkbox above the list to select all, or tick several customers to select a few. Then, click the 'Cancel' button.

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Did this answer your question?