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Reports - Customer Referrals
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The Customer Referrals report sits under Reports >> Customers - Referrals.
This report gives you insight into your customer referral program. You'll be able to view a list of all your referrals and use filters to generate custom reports.

Pre-filtered Customer Referrals reports

Under this section, you'll find links to some of the most frequently used views of this report, such as Customers With Most Referrals.

How to use the Customer Referrals report

Combine multiple filters relating to customer referrals:

  • Referrer. This is an existing customer who recommended your business.

  • Signup. This is the new customer who was referred by an existing customer (referrer).

  • Membership. A list of memberships you've given to new referred signups.

  • Status. The status can be "confirmed" or "pending". A referral stays "pending" until it has been manually confirmed by the business.

  • Referral confirmation date.

You can also group by multiple dimensions and filter by dates.

Export the data

To download the report, click the 'Download' button.

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Did this answer your question?