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Add a referral from the business dashboard
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Referrals can be added to a customer profile from your business dashboard on TeamUp.

For example, if a new customer forgets to add a referral code during signup, a staff member can add their referral from the customer profile.

To do this, head to Customers >> Customer list >> click the desired customer.

  • Scroll down to 'Referred by' and click 'Add'.

  • In the 'Referrer' field, search for the name of the customer who referred them.

  • Select the desired referrer and click 'Save referral'.

Once this has been done, the preselected membership for new signups will automatically be added to the customer's profile.

To view their new membership, click the 'Memberships' tab on their profile.

💡 Once the referral has been added you will need to confirm the referral in order for the referer to receive their rewards.

Head to To-dos >> Referrals to see your pending customer referrals.

Please see How to confirm referrals for more information.

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