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Customer settings
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Global registration settings for customers can be managed from Settings >> Registration >> Customer settings >> click 'Edit'.

From here you will be able to manage the following settings

Registrations per day - Set maximum registrations per day, independent of membership limits.

Waitlists per day - Set the maximum waitlists your customers can be added to per day.

Include waitlists in registration limit? - Decide if you want waitlist registrations to count toward the registrations per day number.

Prevent joining waitlists after registration limit is reached? - Enable if you would like to prevent your customers from joining waitlists after they've reached the registrations per day limit.

Number of failed payment attempts before a membership is unusable

Number of days before a pending membership payment is considered overdue - Once you've set the number of days here, you may wonder how you can block a membership from being used if it has overdue payments. For more information on this topic, please see How can I block a membership from being used when it has pending payments.

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Did this answer your question?