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How do I stop customers from being able to buy a membership?
How do I stop customers from being able to buy a membership?
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If you've got a membership that you no longer wish to sell anymore (such as an old membership, past promotion etc.), you can change the membership status to "Not for sale". Customers who already hold the membership can continue using it, but nobody else will be able to buy it. To do this please follow our guide on how to update a membership for sale status.

If, however, you wish to continue selling the membership but you don't want customers being able to buy online then you may change the settings on how your customers can purchase the membership instead.

To do this select the membership you wish to Edit from your membership list, click on Edit within the General section, scroll down to the Customer Site section and change the "How customers purchase" to "Customers are shown "contact us to purchase" with a link to your contact page" option and click Save at the bottom of the page:

Finally, if what you want is to allow membership to be purchased by customers but only by those who you wish to invite, then you can keep the customers can purchase this membership themselves option above but change the visibility option to "Hidden on the memberships list, but you can send customers a direct link to view details" instead.

The membership status will be shown as For Sale but hidden, and the direct link can be found by selecting the membership and copying the URL shown under Membership - General >> customer site URL:

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Did this answer your question?