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How to add postage costs to your TeamUp Store/Shop
How to add postage costs to your TeamUp Store/Shop
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If you're using the TeamUp Store to sell products that you need to ship to your customers, you may want to charge them postage costs in some cases.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Add a shipping fee. From the Taxes and Fees section in TeamUp (Settings >> Payment), you can create different types of fees that apply to each purchase type, so you can set up a "shipping" fee that applies to store purchases only (important: this fee will apply once per order). To set up a shipping fee, please see Creating taxes and fees.

    In the example below, we've created a flat fee of £1 per order:

    This is what customers will see at checkout:

  2. Create a product. To do this, you'll need to create a new store product (we'd suggest naming it "shipping" or something similar). The price of the item should be however much you want to charge customers per order. Please note that customers will need to add this product to their cart manually, so we'd recommend including this information in the product description (as seen below).

As an alternative to the options above, you could factor the shipping costs into the price of each product instead of having a shipping and handling fee.

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