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Automated Birthday Notifications
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This feature allows you to send automated birthday notifications to your active customers.

Head to Notifications >> Customer Lifecycle >> Customer: Happy Birthday! to get started.

Note. By default the notification will be sent via email at 5am in the customers timezone.

Trigger settings allow you to change the time the notification is sent if desired. The time show is the time it will be sent in GMT.

You can also delete the trigger if you would rather send a birthday email yourself.

Clicking on any email/s you have in place will direct you to the edit form. Here you can edit the email subject and body as desired.

You can also set different actions for the trigger.

In this example, the customer will be emailed, with the subject Happy Birthday!

It may be that you also want to email the business, to remind you of a customer's birthday that day.

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Did this answer your question?