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How to view active customers of a particular membership
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From your Memberships section, you can easily see the number of current active customers that each membership has by looking at the total value given in the Active Members column:

Membership list with active members number shown

To see the actual list of members click on the membership you wish to see and then click on the Members tab which will show you each member's name:

Navigation to a membership, and then the members

As well as their names, you'll also be able to see their email addresses, membership start date, membership end date, or allowed cancellation date (where applicable), and for class packs, you'll also be able to see the total number of classes used against their usage:

Member status shows for packs - how many have been used and are left.

In addition to the above, from the membership members page, you can also copy ALL its members' email addresses so that you can easily email them all from your own email system.

Members detail page and how to copy all email addresses.

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