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Managing Forms on a customer profile
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Forms can be viewed and submitted from the customer profile on your TeamUp business dashboard.

To access the forms on a customer's profile, head to Customers >> Customer list >> search customer >> click on the 'Forms' tab.

On this tab, you'll find a list of all your forms.

Understanding the customer forms list

If the form has never been submitted, there will be a 'Fill out' next to the form's name.

If the customer has ever submitted the form, there will be a 'Detail' button next to the form's name and a timestamp of the last submission below the form's name.

If you click the 'Detail' button, you'll land on a page which displays:

  1. The form's current fields. In the example below: emergency contact phone and emergency contact name.

  2. The customer's current values for those fields. In the example below: 555 555 555 and Madeline Nies.

Business-side submission

Staff can fill out a form for a customer. This will create a form submission, which means the customer won't have to fill out that same form on the customer site.

All fields are optional from the business side. Even if fields are omitted, a form submission will be created.

To submit a customer form from your business dashboard, click 'Fill out' next to the form's name (see screenshot above).

Then, complete the information and click 'Submit'.

Once it's been submitted, a timestamp will appear under the form's name.

Forms that have already been submitted can be edited at any time and resubmitted by clicking the 'Fill out' button. This will change the timestamp and any values you edit.

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