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Zoom: Why are my customers joining the waiting room?
Zoom: Why are my customers joining the waiting room?
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If you have a paid Zoom account, as of 27th September 2020 you need to have either a meeting passcode or the waiting room enabled.

If you disable the waiting room and opt for the meeting passcode, TeamUp can automatically incorporate the code into the meeting links for you.

Please follow these steps to disable the waiting room

Note. The below steps presume all meetings should have the waiting room disabled.

1. Under, set the "Meeting Passcode" setting to enabled and locked.

Lock Meeting Passcode by clicking the lock icon:

2. Under Ensure the Waiting Room is disabled and locked.

3. Under, please ensure the "Join before host" option is enabled and locked.

4. Under, ensure 'Embed passcode in invite link for one-click join' is enabled and locked

Note. Our integration schedules meeting 48 hrs in advance, so any changes made will take a couple of days to be effective.

More info

You can read more about this on Zoom's website, here.

What if my Zoom account is free?

Meeting passcodes are already enforced for all free accounts.

Will this impact my online classes in TeamUp?

Zoom will automatically start setting passcodes on all newly scheduled meetings. All existing scheduled meetings without a passcode will have the waiting room enabled, which means the host will need to approve attendees to join the actual meeting.

Classes taking place on the 29th September and onward will automatically have a passcode set when we schedule the meeting and will therefore not have the waiting room enabled unless your Zoom account is configured to always use the waiting room. The meeting passcode is embedded in the join URL so customers do not have to enter one manually.


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Did this answer your question?