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How do customers join a Zoom video meeting?
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How do customers join a Zoom video meeting? Do customers need a Zoom account to join a meeting?

Where can my customers view the link to join the class?

There are two ways the customer can access the link to join the meeting:

  1. By clicking the Zoom link they received via email - this can be the class confirmation email they received when they booked the online class, and/or the pre-class notification email (to set this up, please see this guide).

  2. Alternatively, they can head to their TeamUp account and click on the class they've registered onto from the calendar. Please note that join links on the class detail page will only show to people who register (each customer has a unique link that becomes inactive if the customer leaves the class). They'll have an option to open the video stream from there:

Customers will be able to join the meeting 15 minutes prior to the start time of the class. If they click the link before the class takes place, they'll see a message letting them know that the class hasn't started yet.

Do my customers need to create a Zoom account?

Customers don't need to have a Zoom account, all they'll need to do is click their link to join the meeting.

When they click the link, they'll be redirected to the Zoom app to join the meeting (they'll need to have the app installed), or they'll be prompted to open the meeting in a browser window if you've got this option enabled*.

*If you want to give customers the option to open the meeting in their browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.) too, find out how to enable this setting here: How to update global Zoom settings and what to look out for.

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