Deleting a customer profile

Deleting a customer will permanently remove the profile from your account.

You can delete a customer from the customer detail page:

If the customer has any failed payments, upcoming event registrations, or active memberships, these will be removed when you delete the customer.

After a customer is deleted, feeds will show "(Deleted Customer)" instead of their name, because the customer's name has been removed from the system.

If you arrive at a customer detail page via a feed link or one of many other links to a profile, here's what you see. We didn't track who deleted customers in the past, so the second line only appears for customers deleted from 16th July 2018 onwards.

Customer profiles cannot be deleted if they have a pending payment/s. If this is the case the customer could still owe you money.

The payment should be confirmed/cancelled before the profile can be deleted.

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