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Change the start date on a Pack or Prepaid Plan

How to change the start date on a pack or prepaid plan membership. How to pre-sell a pack or prepaid plan.

From time to time you might want to change the start date of one of your packs or prepaid plan memberships. For instance, to pre-sell the membership so that it bills now but starts on a later date.

You have 2 options here:

1. Create a new pack with the desired start date

See this guide for steps.

2. Edit an existing pack or prepaid plan

💡 Any changes made to an existing membership won't change the start date for any customers who already own it.

First head to Memberships >> Select desired pack or prepaid plan >> click 'Edit'.

Now scroll to Duration and set the Start Date to begin on a specific date.

In the below example, the pack will begin on 17th May and end on 17th June.

Hit 'Save' at the bottom of your screen when you're done to finalise the changes.

The membership will now bill the customer when they purchase it but won't start until a later date.

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