Can I send someone a Zoom link if they haven't registered for class?

Can I send a customer a Zoom link to join a class?

Each class has a public URL that you can share with anyone. For example, if you need to invite someone that hasn't registered for the online class, you can send them this URL*. Or, if an attendee is late to class and their link has expired, you can send them this link if you want to allow them to join.

*Note: Customers who register via this link will not show in the TeamUp attendee list and will not be prompted to pay for the class. 

To copy a class's public URL, head to Calendar >> click class >> copy public URL.

If registrations are still open and you want the customer to show on the attendee list and pay, then use the customer site URL:

Important: we'd recommend updating your Personal Meeting ID settings in Zoom so that a unique public URL is created for each class to prevent link-sharing and re-using. To change this setting, please see this guide.

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