🎥 An overview of the member booking app (w/ VIDEO)

Book your classes and manage your upcoming sessions from the TeamUp app. Members app. App for customers.

The TeamUp booking app allows you to browse the schedule, register for classes and courses, sign up for waitlists and manage your upcoming sessions. 


🎥 Watch the walkthrough

📕 Read the overview


🎥 Watch the walkthrough


📕 Read the overview

You can also view important information about your memberships, such as the usage status and the billing details.

How to get the app

The app is available for iOS and Android.

Features and sections

The Menu



On Demand

  • If you're using the On Demand feature, your customers will be able to access their content via the app.


Family support

Manage you children’s attendances from the app.


We’re working on bringing more functionality to the app in the coming months. As of right now, the following options are possible from the website, but not the app:

  • Creating your customer profile. For help creating an account, please see this guide.

  • Updating your login or profile details.

  • Buying memberships separately from registering for classes.
    Note. customers can purchase a membership as part of the flow when booking a class.

  • Recurring class reservations (if the business has enabled this).