Adding forms and waivers for online classes

If you're planning on hosting online classes you may be considering adding forms and waivers.

Things to consider before getting started:

Do you need to change your existing waiver/s and forms if they are not applicable to your online classes?

If your current forms and waivers aren't applicable to your online classes, you can exclude these classes from the settings so that customers aren't prompted to complete existing documents when they register.

To exclude a class from a waiver, please see the 'Waiver signature required for certain or all offerings' section in this guide.

To exclude a class from a form, head to Forms/Documents >> Forms >> click 'Details' next to the form >> Form settings - 'Edit' >> Required for - All registrations except those selected. Here, tick the online classes.

Do you need to edit your existing waiver/s and forms so that they're applicable to your online classes too?

If you just need to add some text to your waivers and new fields to your forms to adapt them to online classes, you can simply edit your waivers and forms.

To edit a waiver, please see 'Editing an existing waiver' in this guide.

To edit a form, see Add/Remove fields to/from a form.

Do you need to add a new waiver or form only applicable for online classes?

If you need to add new waivers and forms that are applicable for online classes exclusively, please see:

Adding a new waiver-Waiver signature required for all/certain offerings.

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