How to use the Instructor Availability tool

Where can I plan my instructors' schedules for Appointments?

The Instructor Availability tool allows you to add and remove Appointment Types from instructors' schedules, all in one place.  

Navigating the Instructor Availability tool

This tool lives under Staff >> Instructor Availability.

When you first land on this page, you'll see a list of all the instructors that are available for appointments.

Can't find an instructor? If the person you're looking for isn't on this list, it's because they don't have an availability schedule yet. To set one up for them, please see How to manage an instructor's availability schedule/s from the Staff Management section

What's on this page?

Under each instructor, you'll see an overview of what schedule is currently being assigned to what appointment type. The 'Manage Availability' button next to the instructor's name takes you to their schedule, where you can make changes to days and times. For more details on how to manage their schedules and availability, jump to Managing schedules and availability further down in this guide.

You can expand all for the details of each instructor's schedule: Appointment Types, Venues, and Rooms it's linked to.

Or you can expand just a specific schedule:

Managing schedules and availability

With this powerful tool, you can quickly make changes to the Appointment Types linked to your instructors' availability schedules, without having to jump back and forth between Appointment Types and your instructors' schedules.

You also have quick access to each instructor's availability via the 'Manage availability' button next to their name. 

Managing schedules

On this page, you'll find a list of instructors that have availability for Appointments. You'll be able to see at glance who's linked to what Appointment Types, easily spot who isn't linked to any at all, and make changes.

Let's take a look at how this looks, depending on whether the instructor is or isn't linked to an Appointment Type:

1. Instructors already linked to one or more Appointment Types.

Let's take a look at Joe Bloggs below. 

He has three schedules, and each one is linked to one or more Appointment Types. We know at glance that his schedules are linked to Appointment Types because there's an edit icon next to each one. 

Clicking this icon will allow us to remove the schedule from the Appointment Type/s it's linked to and/or link to another Appointment Type.

As an example, let's say that we have an Appointment Type called 'PT Session Appointment' and that we want to replace Joe's schedule that's currently linked to it with a different schedule of his.

First, we'll remove Joe's PT Schedule from the PT Session Appointment Type by clicking the edit icon next to the schedule and then the trash icon in the popup, as seen below:

Then, we'll go into Joe's Morning Schedule, which is the new schedule we want to add and link it to the PT Session.

2. Instructors whose availability schedules haven't yet been linked to an Appointment Type.

Jane Eyre also has three schedules, but they aren't linked to any Appointment Types, which is why we're seeing the 'Add Appointment Type' button next to each one.

Clicking this button will allow us to link an Appointment Type to each schedule. In the popup, select the desired Appointment Type and click 'Save'. In the example below, we've linked Jane's Massage Schedule to the Check-in Appointment Type.

Managing availability

If you want to change the details of an instructor's existing schedule (for example, you want to change the hours on one of their schedules) or create a new one for them, you'll need to click the 'Manage Availability' button next to their name.

On the next page, you'll be able to select which schedule you want to make changes to and edit it or create a new one. For more details on how to use this tool, see How to manage an instructor's availability schedule/s.


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