Resolving failed Direct Debit payments with GoCardless and TeamUp

What should I do if a GoCardless payment fails?

Occasionally a customer's direct debit payment will fail. You will be able to see all failed payments from To-dos >> Failed Payments or Billing/Revenue >> Failed (which redirects to Failed Payments in To-dos).


The most likely cause of a failed payment is insufficient funds in the customer's bank account. You have several options to resolve the failed payment:

1. Void. Voiding the invoice will skip the payment. Please note that voided invoices can no longer be paid.

2. Edit/Retry. This option will allow you to retry the payment on GoCardless. You can do this directly from within TeamUp. It is advisable to check with your customer whether the account they are using for the Direct Debit has sufficient funds. If this attempt is successful the failed payment will be removed from the Failed Payments page and be marked as paid in your revenue report. Future monthly payments scheduled to be processed through GoCardless won't be affected.

If you've retried the payment and it continues to fail, you can log into your GoCardless account for further information about the failure.

You can also contact GoCardless ( and 020 7183 8674) with the Payment ID* of the failed payment to ask them for more information.

*An example of a Payment ID in GoCardless is 'PM000123456789'.

3. Cancel. Select this option if you wish to cancel the customer's membership entirely. When you cancel the membership, you will also be able to choose if you want to cancel the customer's pending payment/s.

4. Change payment method. This option allows you to change the customer's payment method on their membership, and process the failed payment via the new payment method.

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