How to sign up, sign in, or access your classes

Sign up to a business as a customer or member. Sign up for a customer TeamUp account.

Common reasons that you will be visiting this page are:

  • You want to book a class

  • You want to download the app

  • You want to sign up with a business that uses TeamUp

We lay out all the steps for you on this page and will get you back to the right place in no time.

Sign up for an account

Go back to the business that sent you here and ask them to send you their "customer site link" or website address where you can access their TeamUp booking calendar.

What is a customer-site link? A customer site link is simply how you can get to the booking portal for the business you want to reach. They can find this in their customer experience section as detailed here. Please send them this page or ask them to send us a message if there is any confusion - we're here to help.

Download the app

Important! You will need to have an account first before you can use the app, so please make sure you've completed step 1 before you try to login.

You can download the iOS version here, or the Android version here.

To find out more about the app, just check out this page.

Still need help?

We're here for you. Just click the help button to the bottom right of this screen and let us know how we can help.