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How to exclude/remove a specific class from your free trial offering

Update your free trial membership or your class settings a pricing

When offering a free trial for your clients, you might want to specify the classes they can access during their trial or update this information at a later stage. 

In this guide we'll cover: 

Setting up your free trial membership and specifying class access

A free trial membership can be created by heading to 🔗 Membership >> Memberships >> Add a Membership

Select if you'd like to provide an amount of classes (Pack Membership) or access for a period of time (Prepaid Plan Membership). 

Select the classes and/or appointments those on this offer will be able to access. 

💡 Frequency restrictions allow you to limit class access further by day, week, month, or year. 


How to update your free trial membership classes

If you'd like to add or remove a class from a free trial membership, head to Memberships >> Memberships >> Select your Free Trial Membership >> Edit 

Here you'll be able to remove/add a specific class from the free trial membership.  


How to update your classes, settings, and pricing 

An alternative method of updating free trial membership access is by editing the Settings & Pricing of the specific class. 

This can be done by heading to Classes/Appointments >> Class Types >> Select the specific class >> Setting & Pricing >> Edit

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