How do customers use referrals?

Where can my customers find their referral code/link?

Once your referral program has been set up and enabled, each customer will be assigned their own unique referral code.

Let's take a look at how these codes can be viewed and used.

From your business dashboard

From the customer site 

What happens when a customer uses a referral code?

From your business dashboard

You can retrieve a customer's referral code from their profile, as seen in this guide. If you ever need to send a customer their code, you can simply copy it from their profile and forward it to them.

You can also download all of your customers' referral codes in bulk if needed by heading over to Customers >> Customer list >> Export filtered list >> Export to CSV/Excel >> select the "Referral code" code field and any other desired fields, and click 'Export to CSV'.

From the customer site

Customers can also view their referral code from the customer site.

Once they've logged in, they'll need to head over to the 'Referrals" tab within the 'My Account' section on their dashboard.

Here, they'll have two options for retrieving and using their unique referral code:

1) They can copy their referral code. This code is the same one you see on their profile in the business dashboard.

2) They can use their referral link. This link is only available to your customers via the customer website.

💡 The link and the code do the same thing. The main difference between the two is that the link will take the person your customer is referring directly to the TeamUp sign-up page and will have the referral code field pre-filled with their code, while if they choose to share the code, the referred person will need to click the sign-up link on TeamUp and enter the code manually.

What happens when a customer uses a referral code?

When a new customer signs up using a referral code they got from one of your existing customers, they will automatically be assigned a free membership of your choice (for example, a free trial) upon sign-up.

Or, if you've chosen to give new customers a different type of gift (i.e., a discount code, a free t-shirt, etc.), the gift assignment will be deferred until you've reviewed and approved the referral. In this case, you will need to contact your new customer to inform them about how to collect their gift.

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